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PT Integra Automa Solusi

KWH METER Prabayar 3 Fasa HEXING HXE313-KP
KWH METER Prabayar 3 Fasa HEXING HXE313-KP
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IDR 2500000,00



  • Digunakan untuk membuat sistem penagihan listrik Prabayar
  • Cocok untuk dipasang di mall, apartemen, asrama, Pusat perbelanjaan untuk penagihan tenant
  • sudah banyak dipasang di PLN sehingga secara kualitas tidak diragukan lagi.
  • Fitur anti tampering lengkap sesuai standar PLN

Spesifikasi Pengukuran:

· Class1.0 accuracy

· Three element four quadrant

· Compliance with IEC 62052-11,62053-21, 62053-23

· Import/Export kWh, kvarh and kVAh

· PhaseA, B, C & Total

· Power: kW, kvar, kVA

· True RMS Voltage (3 phase)

· True RMS Current (3 phase), neutral current

· Power factor(per phase and total)

· Frequency, PhaseAngles

Voltage & Power Supply

· Nominal Voltage: 100V – 240V (phase to neutral)

· Operating Limit: 85V – 290V (phase to neutral)

· Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Quality Indication

· Unbalance

· Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

· Fundamental Voltage, Current and Active Power


· Up to 32th harmonics (optional)


· 20 digit encryption STS

· Open relay automatically if credit run out

· Up to 99 two digit short code for customer to operate

and get meter information

· LED indication and Buzzer for Low credit alarm,

programmable alarm thresholds(in kWh) and buzzer

delay setting (in Minutes)through keypad

· Power and current overload control and Configurable


· Prepaid mode and credit/postpaid mode

· Open relay automatically if power outage

LCD display

· Large 7-Segment LCD Display, easy for reading

· LCD with backlight display

· Default display balance

· Display readable without main power

Time Clock & Calendar

· Accuracy within 15 Seconds per Month at 23˚C

· Backup Time of 2Years without Power (Lithium


· Internal Crystal Timing

· Support Gregorian Calendars

Load profile

· AMI ready

· Up to 16 channels

· 3072K bytes available in total

· Intervals programmable from 5 to 60 minutes

· Energy date, Instantaneous value, THD

Load control

· Up to 80A, 100 A and 120A(optional)

· Over load control with fixed logic

· Programmable power limit and current limit


· Open meter cover

· Open terminal cover

· Bypass

· Reverse current

· Reversed phase sequence

· Reversed polarity

· Loss phase

· Neutral line cut off

· Magnetic interference(500mT)

· Open relay automatically if tampering

Data storage

· Up to 50 grid event log (include power off, unbalance

and overload)

· Up to 50 tampering log

· Up to 100 recharge token and credit

· Up to 50 engineering token

· Up to 12 history month billing data

Battery Options

· Internal rechargeable super capacitor (48h)

· Replaceable external battery

· Internal battery (optional)


· Optical with IEC62056-21 (E mode)

· RJ45 port with DLMS/HDLC

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