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KWH Meter MK6N
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Jual KWH Meter MK6N

Spesifikasi KWH Meter MK6N

KWH Meter Accuracy
• Class 0.5S
• IEC62052-11, IEC62053-22
Measurement Modes
• Single Phase (3 Circuits)
• 3 Phase 3 Wire
• 3 Phase 4 Wire
Measured Energy Values
• 3 Elements, 4 Quadrants
• Import/Export Wh, varh and VAh
• Absolute Wh, varh and VAh
• Phase A, B, C or Total
Other Measured and
Displayed Values
• W, var, VA
• True RMS Voltage (3 Phase)
• True RMS Current (3 Phase)
• Power Factor
• Frequency
• Phasor Angles
Load Survey / Load Profile
• NEM Compliant
• Standard 400 day-channel capacity at
30 minute intervals
• Optional additional storage to increase
to over 2,500 day-channel capacity at
30 minute intervals
• Up to 50 Channels
• Per survey interval programmable from
1 second to 1 month
• Multiple independent surveys
• Energy, instantaneous readings and
pulsing inputs as potential survey
channel sources
• Ability to store average / minimum /
maximum values over interval duration
for individual channels
Time of Use
• 8 rates plus unified rate
• Up to 12 separate import and
export registers
• Up to 200 programmable
special days
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Special
• 13 or more previous periods
• Block or Rolling Maximum Demand
• Time of Maximum Demand
• Configurable Billing Reset Button
Communications Options
• ANSI Type 2 Optical Port (ANSI
C12.18) or IEC 62056-21 (IEC 61107)
Optical FLAG Port
• RS232 (RTS/CTS and DTR/DCD)
• RS485 (2 or 4 wire multidrop)
• Internal Modem Power Supply
• MV-9OTM Compatible
• DNP3
• Master / Slave arrangement with up to
31 ‘Slave’ meters accessed through
one ‘Master’ gateway meter
• Operating Range of 57.7/100 - 23 0/400V
• Burden of < 10VA per phase @ Vn
(3 Phase)
• Frequency of 45 to 65Hz
• CT Range: 1(4)A, 5(10)A
• Short time over-current of 20 times
‘max for 0.5 seconds
• Burden of less than 0.5VA
per phase
Auxiliary Supply Options
• 240V, 110V Aux Only (other voltages
available on special order)
Pulsing Inputs / Outputs
• Maximum of 8 I/O with up to 8 outputs
(2 standard) or 6 inputs
• Output voltage - 5 - 220V DC,
12 - 240V AC
• Output current of 0.1A maximum
• Output pulse width 2 output
independent LEDs of lms to 250ms
• Programmable output polarity
• Input Voltages of 5, 12, 48, 110, 240V
• Time synchronised (optional)
• Operating Range of -10 to +60°C
• Storage Range of -40 to +85°C
Time Clock
• Accuracy (internal) within 30 seconds
per month
• Backup time of 2 years without power
• Backup utilizing either lithium battery
or optional SuperCap
• Mains synchronised or internal crystal
time keeping. Mains synchronised
reverts to internal crystal on loss of
voltage on all phases
Data Storage
( Configuration, TOU Data and Load
Survey Data)
• FlashRAM
• Battery backed up RAM
Sag / Swell
• 5 Cycle Resolution
• Records time / date / phase / duration
and worst excursion
• Programmable trigger levels
LCD Display
• 16 Character by 2 line
alphanumeric display
• Programmable units, multipliers and
leading zeros
• Up to 64 user definable
screen displays
• Displays any available
meter parameter
Optional Functions
• Quality of Supply (QOS) features
• Waveform Capture
• Harmonic analysis to the
50th harmonic
• THD Measurement
• Fundamental energy measurement
• EDMI EziView software available for
programming and reading of meter
(Runs on Windows 98/ME/NT/
• EziView also allows offline
configuration of tariff programs and
all meter parameters, for later upload
to meters
• 292.5mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 94mm (D)
Equipment Failure
Alarms (EFAs)
A single user defined alarm condition
(via extensions) is available plus
pre-programmed alarms based
on numerous:
• Self-Checks
• Tamper and wiring checks
These Alarms Can:
• Turn on LED, LCD indicator or relay
• Record an event in the event log
• Trigger an event such as a remote
alarm, dial an emergency number,
send an SMS to a programmable
number or send alarm messages via
GPRS to a programmable server
Extensions for
Customer Applications
The Mk6N inherits the ability to use
Extensions to increase the functionality
of the standard metering platform. A
simple yet powerful scripting language
allows complex register manipulations
to be performed that can create
customized functions within the
meter without the need for a firmware
upgrade. EDMI is always developing
new extensions and we offer custom
extension creation for specific customer
needs. Contact us to find out more
about Extensions for the Genius range
of meters
Examples of currently available
Extensions for EDMI Genius
Energy Meters:
• Send SMS at percentage of
maximum demand
• Average power factor for billing period
• LCD menu system
• Magnetic tamper detection
• Power factor control extension
• Maximum demand control of loads via
pulsing outputs
• Average voltage / current / unbalance,
THD etc.
• Voltage Sag / Swell or Power Outage
• Voltage Quality
• Send SMS / GPRS Alarm on
Equipment Failure Alarm
• Detect Individual Phase VT Failures

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